Well this is certainly something else. A South Australian wrestler, currently under contract with the WWE, has apparently somehow convinced company officials to let him take the name of an absurdly famous AFL footballer who was synonymous with his high-flying antics.

The story goes thusly: Occasionally, the WWE files trademark applications, in bulk, for new ring/character names. On October 20th, the company registered its latest batch; one that featured a stack of unique – if rather nondescript – monikers that some of its newer performers would be assuming.

Except for one name, which would be instantly familiar to anyone who grew up watching footy in the 90s.

Tony Modra.

The Adelaide and Fremantle Football Club great whose 165-game, 588-goal career redefined high flying for a whole generation, thanks to his ability to take truly spectacular aerial marks.

The WWE filed a registered trademark on the name “Tony Modra” in the US for the future use of a pro-wrestling performer.

In the hours following that revelation, speculation was rife as to what the hell was happening.

It’s well-known that the WWE has several Adelaide born-and-bred competitors on its payroll at the moment, and so the general consensus was that some brilliant South Australian had managed to convince the Vince McMahon-owned megalith to let them repurpose the Modra name.

As it turns out, that was bang on the money.

Adelaide’s own Brendan Vink has apparently claimed the name, changing his social media handles this morning and announcing the arrival of “Tony Modra” to the WWE’s lower-tier NXT brand.

Vink has competed on WWE Raw on several occasions this year, but prior to his arrival in the WWE he was more commonly known by the ringname Elliot Sexton during his run in the Australian wrestling scene.

Why or how the WWE managed to tick this one off remains another mystery entirely, and the “original” Modra has yet to comment, but the possibilities here are endless.

Tony Modra, bursting through a paper banner at the top of the NXT entrance way, wearing a Crows-coloured warm up track jacket on the way to the ring.

Tony Modra, wrapping up an opponent in a bearhug tackle as the entire crowd shouts “BALLLLLLLLLLL” in unison.

Tony Modra, sitting on heads and driving them into the mat.

Tony Modra, finally being crowned the champion he deserves to be.

What a manoeuvre this is, my god.

Image: Instagram / Sixftfiiiiive