Tim Paine & Virat Kohli Got Into A Full-On Argy-Bargy At The Perth Test

Tim Paine and Virat Kohli have again engaged in a little argy bargy on day 4 of the Perth Test Match this afternoon, exchanging words and “accidentally” chesting up to each other like a pair of pissed boys in Oakley sunnies at a rural 21st.

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The two national captains have been chipping away at each other for virtually the entire game, with Kohli’s demonstrative antics and overt celebrations causing some furrowed brows amongst Australian representatives, all of whom are desperate to avoid anything even remotely resembling the piss-awful antics of the home side in the recent past.

Following a slightly controversial dismissal, Kohli seems to have turned the heat up on any Australian player that gets near him. Last night, however, Paine decided to return serve by calling him “dickhead.”


Then during today’s opening session the duo verbally sparred again, with umpire Chris Gaffaney stepping in to keep the two apart.

Keep your cool, Virat” is a huge line no matter which way you look at it.

A mere handful of balls later, Kohli deliberately put himself in Paine’s path as he was completing a casual single, causing the pair to chest up to one another.

Scenes. Absolute scenes.

Paine for the moment has the upper hand as the Australians head into lunch at 4 for 190, an overall lead of 233, with Paine travelling comfortably on 37 not out.

Still, Virat’s in a rich streak of form at the moment, so who the bloody hell knows how any of this is gonna turn out.

One thing’s for damned sure, but: Test Cricket absolutely rules.