Cricket’s BACK, baby. Test Cricket is finally here again. After the tumultuous last few months the Australian Cricket Team has endured thanks largely to its own past cockheadery, the Australian summer of cricket has arrived with a bang in perfect circumstances: A glorious, searingly hot day in Adelaide, a rock hard deck, and a fresh box of cherry red Kookaburra’s thundering down the pitch. It simply does not get any better than this, folks.

And to make things all the better, the Australian pace attack has come out in the first session of day 1 at the Adelaide Test against India spitting absolute hot fire, picking up four wickets with plenty of time left to play before the game breaks for lunch.

Pat CumminsMitchell Starc, and Josh Hazlewood have ripped through the Indian top order like butter, but it’s Cummins who picked up the prized wicket of uber gun Virat Kohli, and it took an unbelievable screamer from Usman Khawaja to do it.

Often forced to wear a knock of being slow in the field, Khawaja moved like a dang jack rabbit while fielding in gully to take a one-handed blinder that Channel Seven‘s new cricket broadcast team has taken advantage of by replaying about a thousand times already.

And with good reason too.

Because cop the hell out of this.

Un-bloody-REAL. That’s the sort of wild diving catch you ordinarily see from yr mate Tommo in the backyard, diving to his right to nab a taped-up tennis ball with a half-full froth in the other hand.

Whether the Australians can maintain the pressure they’ve placed on the visiting Indian side early on remains to be seen.

But for now: Cricket is back, mates. And all is right with the world once again.

Image: AAP