After the wonderful news from Rio that the Olympic diving pool had gone a alluring shade of dark green, assurances by authorities that the pool would return to blue by Wednesday ended up being sadly false. It was quite fucking green, by the way:

 Now, it seems like the adjacent pool is going green as well.

Officials blamed the discolouration of the original pool on a pH imbalance caused by algae, which proliferated thanks to the “heat and lack of wind in the venue”. Not particularly reassuring, tbh.

Authorities claim that there are no health issues associated with the green pool, though the Sydney Morning Herald reports that Aussie water polo players felt stinging in their eyes due to what they could only assume is increased chlorine levels.

This could either be nothing, or the beginning of a sci-fi pandemic film which I would absolutely watch. Take your pick!

Source: Gizmodo.

Photo: Getty Images.