These Olympic Mum Ads Will Make Your Eyeballs Leak

In anticipation of the Skoki 2014 Olympic Games – and your tears – Procter and Gamble have cooked up this sentimental ad campaign championing mums everywhere “for teaching us that falling only makes us stronger”. A sentiment which can be broadcast in its most literal sense if the mother-child dynamic we’re talking about here involves actual falling down and includes a person whose one bug dream entails becoming really good at snowboarding, downhill skiing or that ski jumping sport where it looks like they have an invisible rocket up their butt. 

Highly manipulative to the point where it is clearly designed to make you weep uncontrollably while conditioning you to associate “unconditional love” with Procter and Gamble products, but whatever, the ads are like an inspiration highlight reel of training sports montages to the power of life intertwined with a video Hallmark card expressing the depths of the respect, love and adoration we all have for the woman to whom we owe our existence. 
No, we’re fine. These are happy tears. 

The video follows P&G’s equally manipulative “Best Job” spot, which debuted at the London 2012 Olympic Games.