Just when you thought that the trials and tribulations of the Rio Olympics were finally over, there’s more to contend with – apart from the fact that basically all of the venues in Brazil are abandoned now.

Turns out that a number of the medals handed out to winning athletes at the Games back in August are now falling to pieces, with 2016 Games organisers promising they will replace them.

Welp, A Whole Bunch Of Rio Olympic Medals Are Literally Falling Apart

According to some athletes, their medals have suffered staining and had the covering fall away. Officials say it mostly affects bronze medals.

“We’re seeing problems with the covering on between six or seven per cent of the medals and it seems to be to do with the difference in temperatures,” communications officer Mario Andrada said.

“Together with the IOC we’re setting up a system for replacing the defective medals.”

Andrada confirmed that at least 130 medals, including some from the Paralympics, are being fixed by the Brazilian Mint, who originally supplied them. He said that most of the unsightly blemishing is caused by damage to the medals.

“The most common issue is that they were dropped or mishandled and the varnish has come off and they’ve rusted or gone black in the spot where they were damaged,” Andrada said.

He went on to say that the problem is completely normal. Sounds good. 

Source: AFP.

Photo: Getty Images.