The Yanks Are Absolutely Fuming Over The Result Of The Horn-Pacquiao Stoush

Yesterday’s Jeff Horn vs Manny Pacquiao fight was easily one of the biggest upsets in boxing history – with Aussie underdog Horn taking down the legendary Philippines boxer.

We reported at the time that it was pretty controversial even moments after the result was handed down – with Aussies being obviously pretty elated, but everyone else scratching their heads a little bit. Post-fight stats found that Manny nearly doubled Horn’s landed punches, with a 182-92 split.
The judges unanimously handed it to Horn, but particular scrutiny has been pointed at Waleska Rolda, who scored the fight 117-111. The other two judges scored it 115-113.
Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach called for Rolda to be investigated over the judgement.
“That was hard, sometimes I think people need to be investigated,” Roach told the Daily Telegraph“At least in America where you get odd scores like that with the judges, the head commissioner should ask at some point, ‘Why? Where? Show me how you came up with that score.’”

The American boxing and sports commentary community has been pretty off it. The ESPN commentary kinda captured the general mood, via serially agitated commentator Stephen A. Smith:

Much commentary focused on whether the judges were Australians handing a victory to a homegrown hero – though two of them are American and one is from Argentina.
Twitter lit up with commentary from Americans, almost none of whom seemed to think that Horn deserved his win.

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Getty Images.