HOLY SHIT: Aussie Underdog Jeff Horn Just Beat Boxing Legend Manny Pacquiao

Horn v Pacquiao has been touted as the biggest boxing event of the year – and by far the biggest Aussie match in history. Welp, the result is befitting the hype: Australian 29-year-old Jeff ‘The Hornet’ Horn, an ex-school teacher, has beat boxing world-legend Manny Pacquiao by unanimous decision.

It was a close call, too. Horn got absolutely pummelled in round 9, and the ref almost called the whole thing then and there. The Australian Rocky (as The Guardian are calling him) came back flying though, making for some riveting final rounds that scored him the title of WBO welterweight champion.
This is a fkn bonkers upset for the sport. At 38 years old, Pacquiao is a living legend with an astonishing array of titles under his (champion) belt. That Horn, a relative unknown, could best him is truly wild. 
Some fans of the sport don’t seem to be taking kindly to the judges’ decision.

Regardless, this is a career-maker for our boy Horn, and a historic fight. Pacquiao’s already said he respects the judges’ decision, which is very big of him; Horn, meanwhile, has shut down suggestions that this is the best moment of his life, saying that his wife is pregnant with their first child, so the best moment is yet to come. 
Bloody hell, mate. Be a bit better, why don’t ya. 
Source: The Guardian.
Photo: Chris Hyde / Getty.