‘The Project’: Nick Kyrgios’s Brother Rejects Dawn Fraser’s Apology

Yesterday, swimmer Dawn Fraser came under heavy criticism for her remarks about Nick Kyrgios‘s recent behaviour, telling the young tennis star that he and Bernard Tomic should “go back to where their parents came from.”

She has since apologised “unreservedly” for the remarks and the offence they caused, but Kyrgios’s brother Christos, who appeared on The Project last night, is still fuming, and says that this apology means “nothing”. 
“Nick’s behaviour on the court can be construed many different ways from different people,” he said. “Some people may think it is acceptable, some may not. Some people may understand, some may not. But that is black-and-white racist to me.”
He said that an athlete of Fraser’s status should be a role model, and that her comments represent a “primitive” attitude:
“Immediately after reading it I think of … all my friends who have come to Australia, I think of my grandparents, parents who came to Australia, multiculturalism and what we try to represent to the world as a nation, and look, that goes against everything we stand for as a country.”

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios divides people with his on court behaviour, but everyone agreed that Dawn Fraser’s racist comments this morning were out of line. We talk to Nick’s brother to get his take on the whole affair.

Posted by The Project on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Nick Kyrgios, meanwhile, will avoid a fine following yesterday’s accusations of tanking in his fourth-round Wimbledon defeat.