Steph Gilmore Wins Sixth World Surfing Championship

Equal parts legendary and delightful Australian surfing world champion Stephanie Gilmore has just taken out her sixth ASP World Title in Hawaii by beating out her compatriots Sally Fitzgibbons and Tyler Wright, who finished runner up for the year. 
Gilmore watched on from the beach as Carissa Moore and Wright fought to take on Gilmore for the title in the first surf-off in the history of the sport; Moore, however, eventually triumphing over Wright to hand Gilmore her sixth title. 
“Oh my gosh, this is so unreal,” Gilmore remarked from the beach before reportedly breaking down in tears. “That was the craziest couple of hours. I was so nervous just waiting and I was convince Tyler would force it into a surf-off. I owe Carissa a drink tonight for sure.” Mazel, Steph.

Photo by Laurent Masurel/ASP/ASP via Getty Images