Because footy – and State of Origin in particular – brings out the inner savage in all of us, ready at a moment’s notice to debate the respective merits of VB versus XXXX and other important ~issues~, we’d like to highlight the fiercest Queenslander of them all: Peter Brown.
Peter Brown has made his house into a little shrine to the Maroons, sporting a flag for every Queensland win since State of Origin was first played – can you imagine a time before it? We can’t – in the 1980s. 
He’s got literally all of the Maroons merch: goalposts, jerseys, scarves, pillows…
This is 15, 20 years of us collecting State of Origin memorabilia, anything Maroon we’ve collected.
We have a lot of Blues stuff that’s come into the house and we’ve just got rid of it straight away.”
Well not all of it. He’s put some of it aside, giving it pride of place… in the shitter, with NSW halfback Mitchell Pearce posted at the door. 
Brown’s even got a cockatoo named Dolly who he’s taught to get down to the “QUEENSLANDER!” chant. 
So if you’re a Queenslander who’s always wanted to take a dump surrounded by the stench of NSW’s failure, try to score yourself an invite to Brown’s next year. 
Source & Photos: Today