It’s Been 10 Years Since This Absolute Weapon Murdered His Beer At Origin 3

Today is the decider. The finale. The one true big boy. It’s Origin 3, folks. The match that will break the 2019 deadlock and decide, ultimately, which state and which mate will succeed over the other. Will it be Queensland? Will it be New South Wales? It’s anyone’s game. It’s on for young and old. And while we trudge through the working day prior to cracking open a cold one and saluting the boys, we simply must take time out to pay respects to the biggest boy of all: The fucken hulk of a man who obliterated a beer on-camera during the 2009 series.

[jwplayer WTrD4CFy]

It’s been a full decade since the unnamed hero – nay, King – was caught on camera in the Origin 3 crowd absolutely fucking up a beer beyond recognition during an otherwise standard-level scarf swing. A moment that was broadcast to the nation via the NRL Footy Show and immortalised in glorious slow-motion.

Truly spectacular gear. Worthy of a spot in the Australian sporting Hall of Fame.

The effort only gets more inspiring when looped in GIF form too. Observe the frothy lord in all his majesty thusly:

It’s a complete Hero’s Journey. A full three-act play. He enters the arena in his established status quo (swinging his scarf while holding a beer). He encounters complications (the scarf hits the beer). He thinks he might be able to fix things (he stops waving the scarf and tries to rescue the beer). He hits his lowest ebb (the beer is gone). And he ultimately rallies (he mugs to camera) and returns to his familiar situation having changed (he starts swinging the scarf again).

10 years of old mate murdering his beer with nothing but pure Queensland pride. 10 years of the King.

Long live.