Nick Kyrgios Says He Can Get Blazed On Tour, Which Is Apparently Allowed

Nick Kyrgios is a hugely famous tennis player, but his most well known feature is his incredibly confident nature, which many believe comes off as (to use the scientific term) “dickish”. 
But something we didn’t know about Kyrgios is his vast knowledge for the rules and regulations surrounding marijuana in tennis! Weird, right?
While it might not be a super logical idea to smoke the leaf while playing or be high while you’re trying to nab a shiny trophy, Kyrgios told his fans that it’s actually not against the rules to smoke weed while on tour. 
He gave this answer during a spontaneous Q&A on Twitter yesterday, and confused fans with his succinct answer. 

But turns out, according to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), Kyrgios is actually right. 

WADA said that marijuana, “is a prohibited substance for in-competition testing, [but] it has never been prohibited out-of-competition.”
So, apparently if you’re a famous tennis player, y’all can smoke up as much as you like outside of competition. INTRIGUING. 
While Kyrgios never really confirmed if he actually took advantage of the surprising rule, the 21-year-old champ is competing in the US Open in about a week and a half – so jic, bong goes back in the cupboard, fella. 
Source: ABC
Photo: Clive Brunskill / Getty.