Nick Kygrios Has Been So Naughty His Old School Gave Him Detention

While tennis player Nick Kyrgios has been copping sanctions left and right over the past few weeks, they’ve been issued by the ATP. That’s the Association of Tennis Professionals, the guys and girls who make tennis work, and the very same folk who give Kyrgios the stage on which he can either melt down or make us believe he’s the next big thing.

Suffice to say, no matter how harsh the rulings may be, it didn’t really come as a surprise that Kyrgios would get hit with some good ol’ disciplinary action. Until today, that is.  

According to Radford College principal Fiona Godfrey,  Kyrgios has been *gasp* placed on indefinite detention from the school’s Hall of Fame, with his photograph being temporarily removed from display. For those keeping score at home: Kyrgios hasn’t attended the school for years.
“All good sportspeople are an influence and particularly being from Canberra the kids all follow him quite closely and we want them to have good role models,” Godfrey said, before saying that she expected his behaviour to turn right around any time now, “given that he was a Radford student.” Natch.
While the current world #30 has managed to do the impossible and receive a detention at a school he no longer attends, we’re yet to see if he can do the very possible: winning some bloody tennis matches. 
Story via News Corp.
Image: Clive Brunskill via Getty.