A Huge Referee Howler Cost New Orleans A Super Bowl Spot & Fans Want Blood

You never want to see any game decided by the blow (or non blow) of a referee’s whistle, but you particularly don’t want to see it in a Championship game. And yet, such is the fate of the New Orleans Saints in today’s NFC Championship game, robbed absolutely stone cold blind by arguably the most egregious referee fuck-up since humans were granted eyes.

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Though the Saints were largely in control of their conference-deciding clash with the Los Angeles Rams, a chance to effectively ice the game was horrifically quashed by presiding referees, who saw Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman run through New Orleans wide receiver Tommylee Lewis like he was the finishing line tape in a 100 metre sprint and somehow decided it was not a penalty for pass interference.

Seriously, look at this shit.


Old mate runs through him cleaner than a dodgy vindaloo. Un-fucken-believable that that wasn’t called.

As it turns out, that was the window the Rams needed; a last-minute field goal forced the game into overtime, and the Los Angeles side punched their ticket to the Super Bowl with a staggering 57-yard kick in extra time.

The NFL wasted no time in admitting the officials got the call wrong after the game, but that still isn’t enough to put the Saints in this year’s Super Bowl.

Fans and football personalities alike did ah… not take it well.


And then there’s this, which just about sums up the sentiment in the city right now as it struggles to comprehend just what in the blue hell happened.

Sorry folks. You win some, you lose some, you get horribly, horribly robbed some. That’s sport for you.

The Los Angeles Rams will now play the winner of the AFC Championship game between New England and Kansas City in this year’s Super Bowl.