Cop The Utterly Insane Ending Of Today’s Wild Vikings / Saints NFL Playoff


Today’s NFL Divisional Round playoff between the Minnesota Vikings and the New Orleans Saints was an absolute barnburner from the start, but its finish was something else entirely.

Teetering perilously close to another heartbreaking playoffs exit thanks to a classic late game Drew Brees drive and touchdown, the Vikings found themselves trying to push up the turf into field goal territory with under a minute remaining in the fourth quarter.

Down a single point and stuck a bare handful of yards outside FG range with just 10 seconds left on the clock and no time outs, conventional football wisdom suggests the plan would be to fire off a short, wide pass, hope for a completion, and get out of bounds to stop the clock.

Stefon Diggs doesn’t know shit about conventional wisdom, as it turns out.

That’s Case Keenum, undrafted quarterback, firing off a laser from his own 39 yard line, and Stefon Diggs marching into the endzone as time expires after the Saints coverage completely blew a tackle.

That is huge.

Minnesota, as a result, marches into the NFC Championship Game next week to face the ailing Philadelphia Eagles. The winner of that heads on to the Super Bowl.

If you thought the crowd’s reaction wasn’t bonkers enough, check out Keenum leading the packed house at US Bank Stadium in a deafening “skol” chant.

And hell yeah, the touchdown’s already gotten the My Heart Will Go On treatment.

The sports-loving internet, mates. She does not waste any time.

Get ’em, Vikes.