Nah, Clarke Isn’t Returning To Cricket But He’s Happy To Help In “ANY Way” 

Ah, cricket drama. This morning The Daily Telegraph posted a pretty insane article with the headline, Michael Clarke cricket comeback: ‘I would do anything to help the Australian cricket team’. Pwoarh.

Naturally, a lot of people understood that to mean former cricket cap, Michael Clarke was returning to the game as our cricket lord saviour on this Orthodox Easter Sunday. 

The article contained quotes like,

“I’ve never cared about age. Brad Hogg played at 45… “To be honest, I’m so nervous about the headline and how it’s perceived. But I can’t just sit here and do nothing. I feel I owe the game too much… I’ve got the experience to help these young players and that’s where our focus should be right now until the other guys come back.”

Unsurprisingly, the article spread like wildfire and a whole lotta people were none too pleased while some actually welcomed the possible comeback.

Meanwhile, Pup had no idea about the mini shit-show happening back home ‘cos he’s having a ball of a time over in India for the Indian Premier League. 


But as the notifications flooded his Twitter, Clarke did a bit of a dodge and cleared up the whole mess.

Yeah, so turns out the ‘comeback’ was just a bit of a friendly message to Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland. This obviously isn’t a formal offer so the whole thing went poof and we can all go back to shaking our fist at other stuff.

Following the tweets, people have cooled it while others aren’t buying it.

This tweet sums it all up entirely.


As you may or may not remember, this all started when Clarke appeared on Channel 9’s Sport Sunday after news broke out about #sandpapergate. Old mate Pete FitzSimons threw Clarke the question of whether or not he’d return to the captaincy and he answered, “If I was asked by the right people, then I would think about my answer.” 

And now here we are.