Legit Champion’s Offer To Play For Suspension-Ravaged Essendon Goes Viral

My friends, crisis and opportunity are two sides of the same coin.

So whilst the Essendon Bombers doping saga might have ended with the suspension of 12 of its key players for a full year, the flipside is that there’s now an unprecedented chance for young players, rookie-listed players, and state league-level players to gain enormous amounts of experience at the highest level of football.
In order to field a side in the 2016 season, the AFL has allowed the Bombers the ability to temporarily sign 10 “top-up” players; sourced from either state leagues, or recent AFL retirees/delistings.
Just who exactly the Bombers will target is not yet known, but what is known is that there are suddenly 10 “position vacant” notices in the Dons locker room – unprecedented golden tickets to the big time.
And if one absolute legend by the name of Steve McGuinness has his way, he’ll be donning the sash in 2016.
A post McGuinness made on the Essendon Facebook page, imploring them to pick him, has gone absolutely ballistic, racking up views hand-over-fist.

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Posted by Steve McGuinness on Monday, 11 January 2016

The accompanying letter, with spelling and grammar cleaned up a bit, reads as follows:

“Dear Essendon Football Club,

Due to recent sad, disgusting circumstances… As a supporter of 25+ years I am heartbroken over today’s events. I am aware of the current lack of playing athletes you may have.

I’m sending this message regarding the possible vacant positions on your senior list.

I can be a role model for youngsters on the list, as I once kicked 5 goals after half a dozen beers. And a monthly Saturday team bonding trip to CQ will be a must.

My name is Steve. I’m 194cm tall, and currently in between a DadBod and Zyzz shape. I consider myself a high-leaping forward. Being retired from sports for several years now with a basketball background.

A certainty is Mr December on the official team calendar and do I have a pose that will guarantee a 20% rise in memberships and make women weak at the knees.

I’ll be honest, I see the gym about as much as someone from St Albans sees a shower.

I am extremely accurate, and some proof of that is the video below. And I am not a father as yet (touch wood) pardon the pun.

The biggest pro of signing me is I am petrified of needles, just ask every Doctor at Box Hill Hospital.

I will be starting a new social media hashtag #HirdOfSteve.

Please like and share this video and make me Mum proud.


Steve McGuinness.”

Old mate’s certainly attracted a fair amount of attention for the posting, even winding up on Sunrise earlier this morning.

I made the big time

Posted by Steve McGuinness on Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The chatter from Tullamarine and Woosha is, at this point, silent. Clearly the team is taking its due diligence in assessing this new prodigious talent.
But pinch hitting him off the Half Back Flank? Hell, the Dons could certainly do a lot worse.
Photo: Facebook.
Source: Herald Sun.