Few athletes have had a year as tough as Mick Fanning. In the past twelve months, an absolutely terrifying shark encounter was only one of the massive personal obstacles he’s had to overcome.

Yet, the bloke has. He’s just taken the crown at the World Surf League’s Jeffreys Bay Open event in South Africa, nearly a year to the day he fended off a shark in the same waters.

After besting mate Julian Wilson in the semis, 35-year-old Fanning took the final against young gun John John Florence to claim his fourth overall win at J-Bay.

Notably, he caught an astounding 9.93-point second wave that put him well out of reach of his Hawaiian competitor. 

Despite the fact the living Aussie legend isn’t even competing on this year’s tour full-time, the win still bumps him back up to fifth on the world rankings. 

Mate Joel Parkinson said “he can put a ruler through it and move on with his life,” which is exactly what Fanno intended to do when he first announced his return to J-Bay.

In his own words, the dude said “I’m just stoked that I actually got to come back, and right the wrong. That was my whole plan, was just to right the wrongs that happened last year.”

Onya, Fanno. 

Source: ABC / Fox Sports. 
Photo: @palmerbet / Instagram.