Mick Fanning Forced From The Surf After Yet Another “Beast” Shark Scare

At this juncture, PEDESTRIAN.TV finds itself in the unusual position of being humanity’s sole emissary to the kingdom of sharks, explicitly sent to discuss the continual pestering of surfer Mick Fanning. 

We have this to say to the sharks: please knock it off. Thanks. 

Our judgment in this matter comes after the legendary surfer was forced out of the area at Jeffreys Bay, after a three-metre great white was spotted approaching the Aussie and competitor Gabriel Medina.
This is a familiar scenario, because Jeffreys Bay was the location of Fanning’s infamous, terrifying encounter with a shark in 2015. Since then, the sharks seem to have forgotten they’ve had their fun with the 36-year-old.
Footage of the incident shows Fanning and Medina being tugged away by jetskis, halting the World Surf League event’s quarter final.

Aerial footage of the wet toothy boy demonstrates exactly how humongous it was. We’d be charging back to the shore on a jet ski if we set our eyes on a creature of such potentially devastating power, too.

Your pal Fanning had a chance to geez at the shark once he was well out of its way, calling it a “beast” and thanking officials for getting him the hell out of the water. 

The heat resumed some time after, but Medina triumphed over Fanning in the end. Maybe surfing off the coast of Norway is a safer option, overall. 

Source: The Courier Mail.
Photo: Grant Denyer (really) / World Surf League / Twitter.