WATCH: Mick Fanning Reveals He’ll Compete At J-Bay, Site Of Shark Attack

You wouldn’t begrudge Mick Fanning if he decided to nope out of ever surfing South Africa’s Jeffreys Bay again, after his career-defining run-in with the most aggro of sharks. 

In fact, the pro surfer hailed 2016 as a “personal year” largely away from surfing following that incident, the end of his marriage, and the death of his brother. 
That’s what makes his admission tonight on The Project so massive – not only does he intend to return to the scene, but he’s pencilled in to compete in the very same waters.
“I’ll go and compete [at J-Bay]. I’m going to go to Fiji at the start of next month and then go on to J-Bay.

It’s just a place that… I’ve had so many amazing memories there, that I just feel like it’s a place where I want to right the wrongs.”

That means Fanning will be amongst it for the J-Bay Open in early July, which is a fair bloody effort by anyone’s standards. 
Earlier in the year, Fanning indicated he wanted to surf those waves again, saying he feels “like there’s something there that I want to go and face. I want to make sure that I scratch that off the list.”

Welp, it seems that after tending to his brewery for a lil’ while, he’ll be scratching that one off the list a lot sooner than us mortals could have imagined. 

Watch the ledge discuss his return to the competitive scene, his recent travels, as well as his surely-delicious froths below:

Source: The Project / Surfer Mag.
Photo: The Project.