LeBron James Is 100% Playing With Himself On This Ridic Solo Alley-Oop Dunk

If you ever needed any more overt evidence that LeBron James is running a one-man operation at the Cleveland Cavaliers right now, here it is.

James and several mannequins dressed in Cavs uniforms are finally back in Cleveland for Game 3 of the NBA Finals, attempting to wrest a series victory away from a Golden State Warriors outfit that’s otherwise been measuring up brooms for size.

Early in the first quarter James somehow parted the Warriors’ defence like the Red Sea, performing a Moses-like alley-oop with himself. Because if a job needs to be done, it might as well be done right.

We’re not kidding either when we say he froze his opposition. Check out the faces of the Warriors lads as they watch one of the greatest ever soaring through the air with the greatest of ease.

It gets better. Check out the reverse angle featuring the dumbstruck faces of not only Steph Curry, but James’ teammate Kevin Love and his own coach Tyronn Lue.

Imagine posterising your own damned coach. Unbelievable stuff.

Of course, like all things LeBron-related, we’ve seen this before.

In Game 4 of the Finals just last year, James did pretty much the same thing. Against the same team. In the same arena.

Different end of the floor, but. So you can’t say he doesn’t have variety.

LeBron James. A one-man team in almost every sense of the phrase.