Kevin Hart Cracked Some Odd Homophobic Jokes About The AFL To Ben Simmons

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN

Let’s not split any hairs about this: Australian rules football is a thoroughly confusing sport, even for those of us who have grown up watching it. And it’s endlessly fascinating whenever anyone from outside the country pays attention to it any small way. But there’s your average level of foreign confusion, and then there’s whatever this bullshit that Kevin Hart said. Which is its own thing entirely.

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Hart, who according to himself is definitely not homophobic, has his own sports-themed YouTube show entitled Cold As Balls, in which he interviews various US sports stars while sitting in a pair of ice baths. That’s the concept. That’s the whole shebang.

In the newest episode of the series – one where Hart shrieks and makes contorted faces while lowering himself into the ice water – Hart brought Philadelphia 76ers phenom and Australia’s very own Ben Simmons into the room, and immediately took a small dig at Simmons’ rapidly fading accent, before levelling some utterly odd barbs at our national, native ball sport.

Why do those guys wear panties when they play? And then they hug each other when they play. They get the ball and then they get behind each other and smell each other’s butts. There’s a lot of weird stuff going on in that sport.

Ahh yep. That’s… a normal thing to say.

While he’s quite obviously attempting to make a joke, it’s an awfully awkward look to be dropping reasonably homophobic barbs a mere handful of weeks after being dropped from the Oscars hosting gig for historic homophobic barbs.

Full credit to Ben Simmons there (who is a devout Essendon fan), he shuffles along quickly like an absolute pro.

But yeah look. Maybe if I was Hart I’d avoid cracking wise about anything that might confirm homosexuality makes me uncomfortable for a hot little while.

Maybe that might be the smart thing to do at the moment.