The NBA’s Tallest Player Makes John Cena Look Like A Tiny Widdle Baby

Just about everything promoted by the WWE you can take with a grain of salt. Not everything is as it seems. Crowd numbers at events are inflated, past results are frequently retconned or forgotten, even performers weight and height are exaggerated, and I know that to be true because Triple H is frequently cited as being a comfortable 6’4″, however I – a legitimate 6’4″ man – am easily a handful of centimetres taller than him. So this is a thing they do a fairly consistent basis. The NBA, however, does not do this. At all.

To wit, the NBA’s tallest current player, Tacko Fall, met up with WWE icon John Cena at WWE SmackDown on Friday night in Boston.

Cena, who Google tells me is 6’0″ or 185cm tall which cannot be right, is by anyone’s estimation a truly large man. However standing in the shadow of Fall, who stands at a dizzying 226cm or 7’5″ tall, he’s practically a child.

The photos are a wild time, with Cena’s muscly proportions suddenly making him look a bit more like an angry ranting man in a Bagel Boss store.

Remarkably enough, that top-down camera angle was somehow flattering to Cena, with WWE footage of the meeting making the size difference all the more apparent.

Bonkers stuff. Cena could still probably throw him over his head with a decent amount of ease, but if Tacko simply refused to look down he could be the only person on the planet who could legitimately claim to not be able to see him.

Fall is currently in his first season with Cena’s hometown Boston Celtics, quickly becoming a cult favourite for his truly phenomenal frame, which makes him the 6th tallest man to ever play in the NBA.

Cena, meanwhile, returned from a wrestling hiatus on Friday, setting up a match against the demonic Fiend character at this year’s WrestleMania.