Jarryd Hayne Totally Got Hazed By His San Francisco Teammates

He might be the emerging story of the NFL preseason as far as the media – both home and abroad – are concerned, but when he heads down the race at Levis Stadium, NRL-cum-NFL sensation Jarryd Hayne is still just another head in the San Francisco locker room with team responsibilities to adhere to.

And while to the casual observer who may not know the finer ins-and-outs of the glorious sport known as American Football, it would appear that – at least on paper – Hayne didn’t do a hell of a lot wrong in returning this punt for 34 yards; the longest of his three exceptional punt returns yesterday against the Dallas Cowboys.

It’s the end of the play that goes awry. That white shirt with the number 6 on it who finally manages to tackle the rampaging Hayne? That’s Dallas punter Chris Jones.

In the NFL, you don’t get tackled by a punter without your boys letting you know about it.
And for Hayne, who for all intents and purposes is a rookie in the side, a little playful hazing was the order of the day.
As soon as I came off, the boys were into me. I had to pay a fine and whatnot.”
Hayne saw the lighter side of it, though. And immediately identified what he did wrong.
“I actually saw the replay and he grabbed my jersey so they’ve got to tighten the jersey and I’ll be sweet, I think.”

Hayne has one more pre-season game with the 49ers before he finds out whether or not he makes the side’s 53-man regular season roster. For what it’s worth, the US media is of the opinion that the organisation would be mad not to take him at this point, and if he doesn’t wind up playing for San Francisco, another team will gladly snap him up.

Even league legend John Madden is on board.
It looks as though things are working out for Jarryd Hayne. Provided he doesn’t have to pour too much more into the team trip fund, that is.
Photo: Brian Bahr via Getty Images.

via Ninemsn.