Jack Riewoldt Secretly Trolled Everyone While Celebrating The AFL Flag

Jack Riewoldt‘s Saturday now ranks among the all-time great Saturday’s, but it turns out none of us quite realised exactly *how* well he was operating until just now. As it turns out, our dude was firing on all cylinders in the immediate aftermath of Richmond‘s historic AFL Grand Final win.

In the minutes following the game, Jack took the temporary stand alongside his Tigers teammates as Richmond took possession of the Premiership Cup amid a swarm of yellow and black confetti. Observe:

Nothing out of the ordinary there, right? Happens every year.

But hang on a minute… Is that… What is he…


Oh… oh my god.

Unbelievable areas.

Beyond getting every single one of you who just looked at that photo an absolute belter, Jack also seems to have suckered teammate Josh Caddy in hook, line and sinker as well.

Check out the eye-line, and the index finger in vain to try and fend it off.

That’s the quickly averted gaze of a guilty man, right there. One who has a playful jab on the arm coming his way imminently.

But the best part of it all is that it’s not the first time Jack’s pulled this off while hoisting a Premiership. In fact, this particular incident is a follow-up that’s been 11 years in the making.

Riewoldt dug up a photo of his youth, playing footy in Tassie for Clarence before he got drafted to the big leagues. And would ya bloody well look at that.

Bloody hell, Jack Riewoldt. A pest at the best of times, but no one can deny that over the past few days he has been the Absolute Lad.

Three votes, all the way.