Hunters And Collectors To Provide Holy Grail Of Entertainment At AFL Grand Final

Hunters and Collectors will be giving the AFL Grand Final the injection of Aussie anthem pride it deserves, after announcing that they will be headlining the end of season match and Melbourne’s biggest day in football’s entertainment.

While fans perhaps would have already been set to chorus Holy Grail incessantly in the crowds, now fans will be able to watch the band perform live post-game. With Birds of Tokyo supporting and joining Hunters and Collectors in the entertainment, September 28 will be the most bloody ‘strayan day in history. Ready your racial slurs and terrible footy-spectator attire, it’s going to be a fair dinkum hoot.

“We’ll be playing the AFL Grand Final in front of the biggest sporting crowd you could ever play to. It’s a great privilege and an honour,” said Hunters and Collectors frontman Mark Seymour, “The atmosphere is electric with anticipation as we prepare to be part of the biggest day of our national calendar, the AFL Grand Final.”

In the meantime, playing this forever, loudly and on repeat:

Lead image by Robert Clanflone via Getty.