Hockey Mascot Deals With Unruly Fan By Suplexing Him Into Next Week

Here’s some absolute truths that just about every sports fan with at least half a functioning brain knows about a team mascot:

  • They are fun.
  • They are universally beloved.
  • The people inside the suits are almost universally absolute units.
  • Do not fuck with them.

Occasionally, however, you get some yahoo swanning in all het up on a $40 litre tin of Modelo who blatantly ignores points 3 and 4 and decides to try and get loose on them.

[jwplayer uhR6V6TN]

Case in point, some guy at a recent Chicago Blackhawks game who, in their apparent infinite wisdom, came up on team mascot Tommy Hawk and reportedly sucker punched him while attempting to remove the bird’s head.

Why any person would do such a thing is beyond most rational thought, but this person – identified in footage only as “McFadden” – paid for it dearly after Tommy immediately fought back, performing a textbook back suplex that would make even Brock Lesnar proud, and landed a few choice blows from his mighty wing during the ensuing scuffle.

The entire incident, which followed the Blackhawks’ 4-3 overtime loss to the Winnipeg Jets, was caught on camera and subsequently circulated around social media.

Impressive enough that Tommy was able to handily fend old mate off in the first place, but it’s doubly so when you consider the head of the costume does not move an inch.

That’s the true mark of a pro there. Fighting off a drunk fan with a wrestling throw and a textbook rear chinlock while maintaining a goofy smiling bird’s face. Respect for the bird and nothing but utter humiliation for McFadden there.

Frankly, he’s lucky he didn’t try to take on Gritty, who would have banished him to the twisted hell realm he clearly was birthed from.