Gangnam Infiltrates The Sporting World In a Way The Macarena Never Could

In a craze that transcends race, creed, and religion, the inevitable adoption of Gangnam style within the sporting community is yielding an increased amount of notable entries in the Sports Stars Do The Darnedest Things playbook.

Our first entry has a South Korean exchange student achieving schoolyard legend status by performing the famed dance at a high school prep rally. It’s a clear indication that it’s a great year to be a South Korean exchange student and that jocks have a shitty taste in music.

Next we have Novak Djokovic proving what a good sport he is after being coerced into the dance after winning the China Open.

The free and easy brand of calypso cricket was in full display over the past month as the West Indies claimed their first title in over 30 years. First word of of the teams fondness for the craze emerged after Sri Lankan police were called to break up a gangbang gangnam themed party in Chris Gayle’s hotel room. It didn’t take long for the dance to reach the field.

Kevin Pietersen may have been on English Cricket’s black list but we suspect it had more to do with his prowess, or lack ther of, on the dance floor rather than his big mouth and shitty attitude.

Uruguayan soccer star Édinson Cavani gave his own interpretation of the dance after scoring for Napoli vs Parma in Italy’s Serie A.

And finally, FIFA 13 programers would no doubt prefer a more family friendly Gangnam style celebration glitch rather than this one…

Picture by Gareth Copley at Getty Images