Psy Does Gangnam Style With Mel B, Meets Wolverine

The buzz aura surrounding South Korean Lou Bega and ubiquitous internet phenomenon Psy has helped X-Factor Australia to its highest ratings of the season. Per OzTam, 1.665 million of us tuned in to watch Tuesday night’s elimination episode where the human K-Pop meme and inexplicably popular cultural phenomenon performed his hit ode to nouveau riche buying power “Gangnam Style” – while surrounded by Gangnam backup dancers and maniacal teenagers waving incandescent pool noodles. After, Mel B joined the singer for a “Gangnam Style” dance-off which was actually pretty endearing and something which we’re currently working on down at the GIF factory.

The performance capped off a memorable 24 hours for the singer who had also dropped by the Sydney set of “The Wolverine” to pose Gangnam Style with Hugh Jackman. Welcome to 2012.

Psy will next be in the country to perform at the 2013 Future Music Festival.