Figure Skating Got ~Hot ‘N’ Spicy~ At The Olympics C/O This Rap Routine

Figure skating is the fun Winter Olympics sport. It’s like dancing! With scary shoes on! It’s extremely palatable viewing, probably because you can just be like “wiew a spinny air thing!” and don’t need to know that’s called a triple axel.

Usually though the soundtrack for these amazing routines is piss-boring. Classical music? BORING. Tracks from musicals? BLAHHHH.

So we’re always here for a spicy skating boi who uses a killer bop to shimmy ’round the ice to. Like France’s Chafik Besseghier, who cut some extremely white but nonetheless excellent areas on the rink to “Rapper’s Delight“, the 1979 Sugarhill Gang choon that is often called the first true rap song.

Here’s the routine and tune from an earlier performance.

Gotta love that driving simulation at the beginning, amirite?