Winter Olympic Top 5

The Winter Olympic Games have been way better than anyone could have anticipated (admittedly we had low expectations) so we’re paying tribute with Pedestrian’s Top 5 moments, events or general “things” from Vancouver 2010.

1. Aussie Gold The Winter Olympics has traditionally held a rep as being the Cold and Boring Games – mainly because in our generally-above-freezing-temperature country we haven’t been able to compete with snow land freaks like Switzerland, Finland and Austria. But once Australian competitors started winning gold medals this shit suddenly got a whole lot more interesting.
Especially when they’re a sponsors wet dream.

2. Shaun “The Flying Tomato” White The perpetually stoned, Red Bull goldmine Double McTwisted his way into our hearts:

3. Cool Runnings Part 2 – The Australian Bobsleigh Team:

The original Jamaican bobsleigh team (it’s almost uncanny):

4. Jon Hamm The stupidly handsome Mad Men star and Canadian local has been cruising the ski fields sporting some deliciously macho facial hair – but still no sign of his “Dick Whitman”.

5. Mens Figure Skating Costumes by Vera Wang, diamante-adorned Russian Disney Prince lookalikes, the mythical quad Lutz and a windfall of sexual ambiguity make the Mens Figure Skating fabulous in every way.

Feel the fire: