Daniel Radcliffe Was Spotted In An Adelaide Gym Trying To Accio Gains

If this were in Melbourne, what with the premiere of Cursed Child coming up and all, it might make a slight amount of sense. But Daniel Radcliffe is apparently in Adelaide of all places and we are absolutely at sea about it.

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The Boy Who Lived has been snapped by a pair of Adelaide United players masquerading as the Boy Who Lifts, apparently.

Both Lachlan Brooks and Nikola Mileusnic posted Instagram photos with a very sweaty Radcliffe who looked like he rode a dang bike from Hogwarts all the way to the South Australian capital.


Geotags on the posts put the location at Next Gen gym near the Adelaide Oval, for those of you playing along at home.

Legit though, how’s the fresh-faced soccer lads there. Patiently waiting until the exact moment that Radcliffe finishes lifting a house to ask for a sweaty, exhausted snapshot. Unreal stuff.

So now the question remains: Just what in the blue hell is Daniel Radcliffe doing in Adelaide?

Marvelling at the insane city where a pint isn’t really a pint?

Doing a buying trip for Bertie Botts to get Fruchocs into the Every Flavour Beans?

Suddenly developed an absolutely unyielding desire for a Pie Floater or an AB?

The actual answer is a shade more run-of-the-mill.

Radcliffe, as it turns out, is in Adelaide shooting a new movie Escape From Pretoria, which is based on the true story of two white South African political activist working on behalf of the ANC who were arrested and branded as terrorists in 1978 during the height of Apartheid, who then launched a brazen and successful escape from the notorious Pretoria Central Prison.

So now you know.