Dan Ilic Lets A Lot Of NFL Personalities Squeeze His Balls

Super Bowl XLIX is on Monday Australia time, and the media circus has descended on the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona ahead of the big clash between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks and Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

And yet, the one word that’s dominating the NFL media dialogue is simply “deflategate” – the “scandal” surrounding the alleged deflation of footballs by *someone* in the Patriots organisation for the purposes of making it easier for Brady to grip, and easier for his receivers to catch.
Our old mate Dan Ilic is currently over there doing the rounds for AJ+, and came out with this absolute pearler, wherein he manages to accomplish the following in just two minutes:
  • Get a swathe of prominent NFL media luminaries to grip “his” balls, and drop a whole bunch of amazing innuendo (innYOURendo).
  • Shoehorn in some of the actually controversial incidents that occurred during the season back into the conversation, like Adrian Peterson‘s child abuse charges, or Ray Rice‘s horrific domestic assault incident.
  • Expose Seahawks’ head coach Pete Carroll‘s profound lack of humour.
Funny. Smart. Fairly entertaining. Typical Ilic, really.