Bookies Are Already Betting On The Non-Existent McGregor/Mayweather Biff

Never pass up an opportunity to make some cash, I guess.

Even though it 100% does not exist yet and is still, for the time being, nothing but pure speculation, the money is already rolling in for the hypothetical mega-fight between former UFC dual-weight class champion Conor McGregor, and convicted domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather.
The hype train got shot into overdrive yesterday, when it was revealed that McGregor had applied for, and been granted, a boxing license in the US state of California.
Quite obviously, there’s some hurdles still to clear before a fight with Mayweather can take place. Mayweather, for example, fought exclusively in Las Vegas for the final decade of his career and has now been retired a good solid 14 months. But McGregor obtaining a license to fight the human garbage pile that is Mayweather in California is at least one step closer to this “dream” bout actually taking place.
And bookmakers are absolutely on top of it.
William Hill here in Australia has thrown the books wide open on the speculative fight, not only offering up odds on who will walk out on top, but whether or not it will break the all-time PPV record set by Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.
As far as the all-time revenue record is concerned, the answer there is an overwhelming “yes,” with odds that the fight will bring in staggering amounts of cash coming in at a cool $1.20, as opposed to the no option, which is paying a reasonable $4.25.
But where it gets interesting is the odds apparent lack of faith in McGregor’s boxing abilities.
Mayweather, who has been arrested, charged, tried, and convicted of severely beating multiple partners, is the overwhelming favourite in the fight, with odds that his undefeated record would remain intact currently paying $1.10.
McGregor, on the other hand, is a rank underdog at a whopping $6.50.
He might have to step into someone else’s world, but we’ve all seen what McGregor can do when he’s carrying the overwhelming favourite tag. Lord knows what the crazy sonofabitch is capable of when he’s a rank underdog.
If you feel like having a flutter, the market is open right here.
Commence wild speculation.
Source: William Hill.