NSW Clinch Origin 2019 With A Heart Palpitation-Inducing Try In The Final 30 Seconds

State of Origin game 3 clinched by the Blues.

There is simply nothing better than Origin footy, even if it means having your heart ripped clean in half by a perfectly executed try from the Blues in the final seconds of a game you thought you were about to win in a miraculous, awe-inspiring comeback.

Yes, much to my dismay, NSW has claimed the 2019 State of Origin series in a nailbiting finish, walking away with a 26-20 lead at full time.

Queensland entered the first half looking a lot stronger than they did in Game 2, with Kaufusi taking the first try of the match at the 15-minute mark, followed by Vaughan inching the ball over the line for the Blues just before half-time. A penalty kick each under their belt, they finished half-time sitting at 8-8.

The Maroons seemingly losing all of the momentum they had in the first half, the Blues claimed two tries in the first ten minutes, courtesy of Tedesco and Cook. Queensland was staring down the barrel of NSW’s 20-8 lead until the 71st minute, until McGuire managed to just slide over the line.

In what looked like a fairytale comeback for Queensland, big unit Papalii managed to find an impossible space to fit through, with Lowe beautifully kicking probably the most nervous conversion of his life.

Unfortunately for Queensland, this bubble was swiftly burst by a deft try from Tedesco in the last 30 seconds. God dammit.

After the refs basically had to force the Blues to stop celebrating and convert the try, Maloney put it through the posts to leave the score at 26-20.

See you next year, NSW.