Bill Murray’s Sporting Life

Bill Murray, our favorite lovable eccentric, sports mad, party crasher has taken his oddness to the next level. The above picture was taken after Murray crashed a kick-ball (like baseball but kicking a an over-sized soccer ball right?) game on New York’s Roosevelt Island. As an avid golfer and part owner in four minor league baseball teams, Murray is about more than the standard court-side Lakers tickets. Here are Bill’s top sporting moments.

In this 1996 Farrelly brothers comedy, a suitably kooky comb-over sporting Murray plays deranged bowling superstar entered in a $1 million dollar winner takes all bowling tournament.


As gopher hunting greens-keeper, Carl Spackler provided Murry with his first cult favorite character

Space Jam
Bill Murray doesn’t play defence!

The Coke Bottle Incident
Only Bill Murray could split a dude’s nose with a coke bottle and then have the entire crowd in stitches minutes later.

Pebble Beach Pro
Murray takes to the course in full weather proof como gear, crunches a drive down the fairway, shrugs it off, and then punts a football into the crowd. Vintage Murray.

2012 Wrigley Field First Pitch
The first pitch of the season is a big deal in baseball but when the honor was handed to Bill Murray for his beloved Cub’s first game of the season, Murray introduced his own tradition; the ceremonial home run.

Bill Murray. Coming to a sports field near you.

Picture via cockenblog