Bill Murray Is Your New Favourite Amateur Golfer

Celebrities playing golf is hardly newsworthy… unless of course the celebrity in question is Bill Murray. A noted golf nut and Pebble Beach Pro Am regular, Murray hit the links sporting a decidedly dense 19th century ‘tach and some unconventional all-weather head-wear. As per his recent Pebble Beach outings, Murray gifted fans plenty of lols care of his revered dry wit – take note autograph hunters.

Taking a break from filming The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson + Bill Murray + outrageous facial hair = max anticipation), Murray entertained his throng of fellow golf-mad fans with antics including demoting (or promoting?) a TV reporter to his personal umbrella girl, stealing Jim Harbaugh’s Super Bowl rings and offering them to the crowd, and feeding an eager fan one of his divots. Golf would be way more awesome if Bill Murray played at every tournament.

Oh, to be an aging comic great granted license to kill gofers do whatever the hell he pleases. Stay classy Bill.

Pictures by Ezra Shaw, Jeff Gross, Harry How/Getty Images