Bill Murray Spent His Weekend Pouring Bulk Tequila Shots At A New York Bar

Bill Murray is one of the rare celebrities who uses his fame not as a shield to many and myriad crimes, but instead as a way of being a weird, loose unit and maintaining the veneer of plausible deniability. Like the other week, when he was spotted nicking chips from some bloke at an airport. Who does that?

Well, he spent his Friday and Saturday nights serving the bar at his son Homer Murray‘s new restaurant in Green Point, New York City. It’s obvious he isn’t a bartender – though the bar features elaborate cocktails, Murray was only capable of serving up shots of tequila and whiskey and occasionally vodka-sodas.
It was documented in painstaking detail on Instagram:

Bill Murray is our new favorite bartender ???????? #bloombergdrinks- KK

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“[My dad] has been very supporting of me,” Homer told The New York Post. “He didn’t do this because I asked him to. He didn’t do this because he thought it would drum up business. He did this because he wanted to. That’s the beauty of it.”
Apparently, Murray showed up in an Uber because his car broke down in the Bronx. He arrived, Wes Anderson style, with an armful of weird junk like a stuffed badger wearing a hunting jacket.
You do you, Bill Murray. You do you.
Source: New York Post.
Photo: Instagram.