Bill Murray Met A Gopher On The Green, May Have Spawned ‘Caddyshack’ IRL

As much as we’d like to see plastic explosives reintroduced into the fine game of golf, it is somewhat comforting to see the festering hatred of rodents harboured by Bill Murray’s Caddyshack character Carl Spackler has simmered down to a malignant disdain.

In a piece of magical footage obtained by TMZ, Murray – an actual golfer –  encounters an actual gopher on an actual golf course in Pebble Beach, California. While the comedic possibilities abound, Murray takes the understated route; a sensible chuckle is had, and a tiny, furry mammal gets to shred the green for another day. 


Regardless, having this kind of cosmic coincidence is 110% worth experiencing. Next up: a trip to Punxsatawney. Watch:

Source & Photo: TMZ.