Bill Murray Put On Full “Black Swan” Makeup Because He’s Sad About Baseball

Bless you, Bill Murray. You absolute global treasure.

Murray’s much beloved Chicago Cubs are currently battling grimly in the Major League Baseball playoffs, trailing 2-0 to the New York Mets in the NLCS.
Murray, in New York for the first two games of the series, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live – who is in the middle of a week long jaunt in Brooklyn – to moan, forlorn, for the fate of his team, as Kimmel – a noted Mets fan – gloated.
‘Course it being BILL FREAKING MURRAY he simply could not achieve a talk show visit without a little pomp and circumstance, which in this case came in the form of adorning full Black Swan makeup and a renaissance-era getup the identity of which one of you far more versed than I in the ways of period literature and iconography will no doubt caps lock point out in the comments section below.

[Editor’s Note: Video has since been deleted]

All is not yet lost, though, for Murray and the Cubs – the series shifts back to Chicago and the Cubs home ground of Wrigley Field for games 3 and 4 of the NLCS.
All fingers crossed. Because if that’s the kind of face he can pull when his team is two down, I doubt anyone’s heart will be able to take the one he makes if they lose.
via Uproxx.