Bless you, Bill Murray. You absolute global treasure.

Murray’s much beloved Chicago Cubs are currently battling grimly in the Major League Baseball playoffs, trailing 2-0 to the New York Mets in the NLCS.

Murray, in New York for the first two games of the series, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live – who is in the middle of a week long jaunt in Brooklyn – to moan, forlorn, for the fate of his team, as Kimmel – a noted Mets fan – gloated.

‘Course it being BILL FREAKING MURRAY he simply could not achieve a talk show visit without a little pomp and circumstance, which in this case came in the form of adorning full Black Swan makeup and a renaissance-era getup the identity of which one of you far more versed than I in the ways of period literature and iconography will no doubt caps lock point out in the comments section below.

[Editor’s Note: Video has since been deleted]

All is not yet lost, though, for Murray and the Cubs – the series shifts back to Chicago and the Cubs home ground of Wrigley Field for games 3 and 4 of the NLCS.

All fingers crossed. Because if that’s the kind of face he can pull when his team is two down, I doubt anyone’s heart will be able to take the one he makes if they lose.

via Uproxx.