Bernard Tomic’s Family Might Sue Tennis Australia Over ‘Hall Of Shame’ Email

Shit has escalated further between Bernard Tomic and Tennis Australia, with the former’s family threatening legal action against the latter, over what they claim is a very unfortunate typo in a recent official email.
After Tomic went HAM on Tennis Australia, accusing them of mismanagement and neglect, he was kicked off Australia’s Davis Cup team, and instead, accepted an invitation to play at a Hall Of Fame tournament in Newport, Rhode Island.
On Monday, however, a Tennis Australia daily email went out, mistakenly referring to the event as the Hall Of Shame Tennis Championships, and now the Tomics are furious.
In a written statement to Fairfax media, John Tomic slammed the group as “childish and arrogant”, saying:
The Tomic family is very disappointed by TA’s continual shaming and misrepresentation of Bernard.

Bernard has already been punished by his non-selection for the upcoming Davis Cup tie. Bernard accepted his sanction in a professional manner and was willing to move on. We point out that TA did inform Bernard on meeting in Wimblodon (sic) (Craig T. Steve H.) that his comments hurt people at TA and that, as a result, Craig T clear said to Bernard on meeting we will hurt you, not just that you no playing Davis Cup.

It seems TA have commenced living up to their threat. How typically childish and arrogant of TA to permit publication of such material and then expect to get away with it. We have no alternative but to refer the matter to our legal people for advice.
Tennis Australia quickly realised their error, and sent out an amended email apologising for their error and wishing Tomic all the best in the Hall Of Fame tournament. 
“This unfortunate error has been widely circulated on social media and there is some discussion as to how such a mistake could occur. We have a very upset staff member who made a simple clerical error,” they said.
“The result listing before the Hall of Fame Championships, the Sharm El Sheikh event in Egypt, won by Astra Sharma, should provide some explanation as to how this error occurred. There was no malicious intent.”
via Fairfax
Photo: Mark Nolan via Getty Images