Pour One Out For This Baseball Fan Who Got Decked By Stadium Security While Proposing To His GF

proposal gone wrong at a baseball game in america

A bloke attending a Dodgers baseball game in the US has executed perhaps one of the worst proposals in living memory after he was tackled to the ground by security. America is truly the greatest country in the history of the world for the simple reason that its citizens are willing to embarrass themselves to such an astounding degree.

The Los Angeles Dodgers were halfway through their opening game of the season against the Arizona Diamondbacks when man-fuck-no-fucks-to-give Ricardo Juarez bolted out onto the pitch.


Dis she at least say yes? 😬 #baseball #mlb #mlbopeningday #proposal #marriage

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Our knight in shining khaki chinos, white shoes and a hoodie got about 30 metres into the grassed field before he turned around and dropped to one knee.

He then opened a little box revealing the ring and looked at his girlfriend, Ramona Saavedra, who was sitting in the crowd presumably with her hands in front of her eyes.

Before we got to find out whether she’d said yes, a stadium security guard came barging across the field and hip and shouldered Ricardo so hard that it genuinely could’ve been featured on an “AFL best tackles” highlight video.

I literally felt the impact all the way down here in Australia.

Two more security guards soon arrived to pin Ricardo to the ground, placing his hands behind his back ready to escort him off the field.

What a moment in sporting history.

How many failed proposals will it take for us to learn that extravagant, sometimes illegal proposals are not the vibe?

Who cares! They’re fucking hilarious and we’ll keep writing about them until they cease to be so.

So now to find out the question on everyone’s lips — how did she respond?

Well, shortly after the game ended, Ramona posted an update to Instagram.

“Tad bit extreme but he’s a LEO what can you expect,” she wrote.

“And of course I said YES!”

Classic Leo behaviour.

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