When you can’t catch a trick, you can’t catch a trick.

After deftly navigating the free agency process in a journey that took him from Dallas to Philadelphia to ultimately land at the title-contending Cleveland Cavaliers, Andrew Bogut has hobbled off the court mere seconds into his Cavs debut with what appears to be a serious leg injury.

Bogut spent a grand total of 58 seconds on the court for the Cavs, before a collision with Okaro White of the Miami Heat sent Bogut hopping away in visible agony.

Bogut, in attempting to cover and defend White, collided his lower left leg into White, with the Australian baller clearly coming off second best.

Bogut was helped to the locker room by team officials and was almost immediately ruled out of the remainder of the game as medical personnel assessed his injury.

He reportedly couldn’t put any weight on his left foot, and was being transported to undergo x-rays and evaluation, with an update from the team due after the conclusion of the game.

The internet, being full of heartless sods, hasn’t exactly been sympathetic to the big man’s ill fortune.

In a further blow for Bogut, he apparently had immigration and visa issues to deal with before he could even step foot on an NBA court for the Cavs today.

A visa muck around and a possible season-ending broken leg? That’s a bad, bad day.

Here’s hoping the injury isn’t as bad as feared.

Source: NBA.com.