Sorry Mates, It’s Gonna Be Cold & Shitty In Melbourne On Grand Final Day

All your Victorian mates are currently crowing and counting down the seconds to beer o’clock because the weather is fucking glorious in Melbourne right now. But, as any good Victorian knows, that is simply not meant to last. Not only is the weather expected to turn once again just in time for the long weekend, but it would appear that Melbourne will be copping the worst of it on AFL Grand Final day, which is flat-out rude.

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Melbourne’s set to cop its coldest and potentially wettest day of the entire weekend right on the holy holiday of Footy Christmas, which puts a spanner in the works for a few outdoor BBQs and such.

Saturday’s forecast in the Victorian capital calls for a high of just 14, with predicted showers in the morning and the risk of an odd hail or thunderstorm about some outer-reaching suburbs.

The news isn’t much better for Sydneysiders, with a run of warm-to-very-warm weather set to snap across the weekend, including Sunday’s NRL Grand Final day, which is forecast to cop a high of 18 degrees. That, as we all know, is enough to have any self-respecting New South Welshman diving for the puffy coat.

But just so you’re all well prepared for the long weekend ahead, here’s the cheap and dirty weather forecast for all yr major cities. Don’t say we never do anything for you.


FRIDAY (Public Holiday): Shower or two. Minimum: 10, Maximum: 16

SATURDAY (AFL Grand Final day): Possible shower. Minimum: 6, Maximum: 14

SUNDAY (NRL Grand Final day): Partly cloudy. Minimum: 7, Maximum: 17

MONDAY: Mostly sunny. Minimum: 6, Maximum: 20


FRIDAY: Possible shower developing. Minimum: 12, Maximum: 26

SATURDAY (AFL Grand Final day): Shower or two. Minimum: 13, Maximum: 18

SUNDAY (NRL Grand Final day): Partly cloudy. Minimum: 10, Maximum: 18

MONDAY (Public Holiday): Mostly sunny. Minimum: 10, Maximum: 19


FRIDAY: Possible shower or storm. Minimum: 15, Maximum: 27

SATURDAY (AFL GF day): Possible late shower or storm. Minimum: 16, Maximum: 29

SUNDAY (NRL GF day): Shower or two. Minimum: 16, Maximum: 23

MONDAY (Public Holiday): Partly cloudy. Minimum: 13, Maximum: 24


FRIDAY: Showers. Minimum: 11, Maximum: 16

SATURDAY (AFL GF day): Partly cloudy. Minimum: 7, Maximum: 16

SUNDAY (NRL GF day): Sunny. Minimum: 6, Maximum: 21

MONDAY (Public Holiday): Partly cloudy. Minimum: 11, Maximum: 23


FRIDAY: Partly cloudy. Minimum: 10, Maximum: 24

SATURDAY (AFL GF day): Shower or two, possible storm. Minimum: 15, Maximum: 26

SUNDAY (NRL GF day): Shower or two, possible storm. Minimum: 15, Maximum: 22

MONDAY: Partly cloudy. Minimum: 12, Maximum: 23


FRIDAY: Becoming cloudy. Minimum: 4, Maximum: 23

SATURDAY (AFL GF day): Shower or two clearing. Minimum: 3, Maximum: 14

SUNDAY (NRL GF day): Mostly sunny. Minimum: -2, Maximum: 18

MONDAY (Public Holiday): Sunny. Minimum: 0, Maximum) 21


FRIDAY: Shower or two. Minimum: 8, Maximum: 14

SATURDAY (AFL GF day): Cloudy. Minimum: 4, Maximum: 14

SUNDAY (NRL GF day): Partly cloudy. Minimum: 8, Maximum: 17

MONDAY: Partly cloudy. Minimum: 7, Maximum: 18


FRIDAY: Sunny. Minimum: 23, Maximum: 35

SATURDAY (AFL GF day): Sunny. Minimum: 23, Maximum: 36

SUNDAY (NRL GF day): Sunny. Minimum: 23, Maximum: 36

MONDAY: Sunny. Minimum: 23, Maximum: 35