Scott Morrison Tipped “Perth” For The Grand Final So Time To Get On The Pies

On the scale of rendering things impossibly uncool, “politician jumps on sporting team bandwagon” is up there with “Uncle Steve sends you Facebook friend request” or “boss delivers team bonding seminar via rap.” After that point, you can fairly well stick a fork in them. They’re all done. Case in point: Prime Minister Scott Morrison has entered his tips for this weekend’s AFL Grand Final and somehow, remarkably, they’re gonna want to make you keen for a Collingwood win.

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Morrison, who was born and raised above the Barassi Line and therefore, by his own admission, is “not an expert on that game by any stretch,” was asked for his thoughts on this weekend’s season-decider and, quite confidently, he admitted that he would “love to see Perth bring it home.


The Perth Eagles, you say.

Ahh good.

Morrison has at various times publicly declared an affinity for the Western Bulldogs and Melbourne in years gone by, showing a tendency to flip flop more than his policy positions *adjusts tie holds for applause*.

But backing the “Perth” Eagles for the Grand Final?

Yeah, good. The Collingwood bandwagon suddenly sounds entirely ok.

For what its worth Morrison, an avowed Cronulla Sharks fan who grew up in Bronte and is therefore about as From The Shire as a tub of quince paste, backed in the Roosters over the Storm in Sunday’s NRL Grand Final.

Totally coincidental picks-on-a-whim, or evidence of a deep-rooted anti-Victorian bias?

You be the judge.