Adelaide FC Legend Brent Reilly Has Retired From Football

Adelaide Football Club defender Brent Reilly has announced his retirement, effective immediately. 

Reilly suffered from a skull fracture after being accidentally kneed in the head during pre-season training in February, and has been in recovery mode ever since. 

“My medical team have told me that given the impact of the accident and subsequent surgery that they are unanimous in their recommendation that I never again play a contact sport,”
Reilly said in a statement.

“My sole focus at this time is recovery and resuming living a normal life.

“While this is still some months away, clearly I will not be in a position to play football again.”

Reilly began and has now finished his AFL career at the Adelaide Football Club, with his debut performance being against St Kilda in 2002. 
“The Adelaide Football Club has nurtured my growth from an 18-year-old boy who moved here from Victoria to a man in his 30s who now calls Adelaide home,” he said. 
But some good news: Reilly also said in his statement that Adelaide coach Phil Walsh had offered him a future coaching position when he is physically able to. 
Rest up Radar, you legend. We’ll see you in the coaches box soon mate.
via ABC
Image Morne de Klerk/Getty Images