Tinder Figured Out The Sydney Suburbs Where The Most Match Magic Happens

Dating app Tinder have crunched the data and come up with the top suburbs in Sydney for matchmaking – the places where you’re more likely to have your repetitive stress injury in your swipin’ finger rewarded.

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The most popular suburbs on Tinder are not what you’d expect. You may think that in the Eastern Suburbs or the Inner City there’s more opportunity for you to meet your possible forever bae – because so many people are coming in for work or hanging out thirsty in bars or whatever.

Not true! The hotspots for right swipes are actually mostly in the ‘burbs.

Out west you’ve got the #1 location for matches: Wetherill Park. Coming in at #4 is Parramatta, at #6 Ryde, and at #9 Burwood.

Meanwhile Sydney’s south has three spots in the top ten, with Gymea at #5, Kogarah at #7, and Maroubra at #10.

I mean of course Bondi Beach is a Tinder thirst trap at #2, and then business hubs North Sydney at #3 and the CBD at #8. People swipe at the beach, at the bar in a suit. It just makes sense.

But it’s interesting to see the change from last year, when new western Sydney business hub Parramatta was at the top, and Hurstville up north, and inner city hangout Surry Hills actually made the list.

Basically, if you want the best chance of loadsa matches, it might be time to get outta your Newtown sharehouse and go back to your folk’s place in the suburbs. At the very least it’ll up your ratio… and somewhere in there could be the mate you wanna spend the rest of your life with.

Here’s the full list of top 15.

  1. Wetherill Park
  2. Bondi Beach
  3. North Sydney
  4. Parramatta
  5. Gymea
  6. Ryde
  7. Kogarah
  8. Sydney CBD
  9. Burwood
  10. Maroubra
  11. Caringbah
  12. Bankstown
  13. Miranda
  14. Brighton-Le-Sands
  15. Manly