Tinder Launches Petition To Make Interracial Couple Emojis A Real Thing

Hold on to your hats: Tinder has launched a campaign to make interracial dating emojis a real thing – and it’s not as far-fetched as it sounds.

For the last few years, Unicode (the company that makes emojis) have been moving towards inclusivity. Emoji faces came with colour options. Emoji couples came with same-sex options. We have female runners, male ballerinas, and, if we’re talking equality amongst real and fictional animals, unicorns.

Look, they don’t all make sense, okay?

But as Tinder points out – and PEDESTRIAN.TV just spent a few minutes double checking – there’s no option for the family emojis to become interracial. (Actually, there’s no option for them to be any skin colour other than the emoji yellow, which is digital shorthand for white.)

“We believe all love deserves emoji representation,” says Tinder. “But that’s not all – research shows that online dating and interracial relationships go hand in hand.”

A recent study by Tinder of more than 4,200 users found that 76 percent of Aussie Tinder users reckon it’s the most racially diverse app, with 74 percent of Aussie Tinder users having been on a date with someone of a different race versus 57 percent of non-Tinder users.

Interracial couples around the world are posting their pics with the hashtag #RepresentLove, both to support the campaign and – let’s be honest – hopefully win an emoji that looks exactly like them. (It’s a comp Tinder’s running: just post pics of yourselves looking vaguely like the couple emoji, tag Tinder, and hashtag #RepresentLove.)

Tinder even launched a pretty nice + emotional ad about it, using emojis as props and backdrops to prove that there’s an emoji for pretty much anything now… well, almost anything.

You can sign the petition here if you want to get around it.