This Tale Of True Romance Blossoming In A Café Will Melt Yr Ice Cold Heart

Christmas is a time for love, and what better way to get it than via a total stranger’s Twitter account?

A dude’s tweets about witnessing the spark of True Love™ in a cafe (I assume located in Brooklyn, New York by his Twitter bio) have gone viral, because they’re heartwarming and nice and all that yucky stuff.

Is our friend @notjerryclayton telling the truth? Did a girl employee really confess her love to a guy employee and a random customer just happened to witness it? Perhaps, perhaps not. It also possible here that I’m being a cynical grinch, because – having been reared exclusively on a diet of steady groin thwacks in Australia’s Funniest Home videos – I cannot believe in anything ‘viral’ with a happy ending.
If it’s true, it’s an extremely heartwarming tale and will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like when you’ve just walked in out of the cold to a blazing fire and a cup of warm coco, or when the drugs kick in.

If it’s not true – well, we all had a moment, didn’t we?

In the corner of ‘this story is definitely legit’, one of Jerry‘s Twitter mates pointed this out:

You know what? Cannot fault you there, bud.

Photo: Meet Joe Black.